Why I Love my Zune Player!

Zune player

As you may or may not know, Microsoft is releasing the new generation of Zune players (November 13th 2007 according to Amazon). I myself am a Zune 1.0 owner. I can’t wait for the next generation Zunes to come out. I feel that the majority of the reviews I am reading about Zune 1.0 and the next gen are all negative. I get the feeling that some of the people that are reviewing the Zune Player hope that the device will allow them to gain world domination or hack into people’s minds with the wireless access. I would just like to remind people that our devices are devices and for the moment have limitations, granted I hear that some of the devices can get you laid (iPhone). I am here to tell you why I love my Zune 1.0 and what drove me to it. I bought mine right after Christmas because on Christmas Day I ripped my Pink iPod Mini to shreds.

Would you like to hear the story? Here we go…..

For my birthday my brother bought me a new battery kit for my iPod. I knew I was able to change it and I wasn’t going to pay $70 for someone at the Genius Bar to fix it. So on Christmas I was watching Ice Age on TV and tearing my iPod apart. First off, has anyone really seen someone at the Genius Bar change their battery right in front of them? If so, please let me know because there were stripped screws that made my life hell! I am thinking they just give you a refurbished one! I had to bend the metal lip on the top of the iPod in order to slide the framework out. I replaced the battery and put everything back to order. Everything was great minus the fact it didn’t really look “pretty” anymore. I was so excited because everything powered up and I was ready to listen to some tunes(none bought on iTunes by the way), when my scroll bar decided it wasn’t going to work anymore. Out of pure frustration with the device after having for just a year I tore the thing apart piece by piece without my screwdriver. It was so therapeutic. I even ripped the screen out.

The funny part, a friend says he can fix it. I’d pay him $100 to watch him!

So back to my awesome Zune player, I’ve had for 10 months and I don’t have any complaints. I’ve dropped the thing a dozen of times and its taken a beating very well. The Zune software is much more user friendly on my PCs than iTunes. I love it that I have the software installed on several of my PCs and I can plug it into anyone and it asks me if I was to connect as a guest. this is probably my favorite feature because I have different music across all my computers and I want to load it my Zune and now I can without wiping out all the pre-existing music on the player! iTunes can’t do that. I don’t know what they are waiting for.

Granted Apple is a great Brand. iTunes is one of the greatest marketing machines out there. I do tip my hat to Steve Jobs for creating such a branded marketplace. He is a Genius, but its funny that people think iTunes is great for artists and the music industry. iTunes makes money for iTunes, which there is nothing wrong with that, but it is not a place where artists are going to make the money that can sustain their life.

Zune, Zune, Zune

Zune logo

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