Pop vs Soda: The California Culture

I sit in Panera today, like I do on many of my days now, and realize that Panera makes me feel like I am back in Schaumburg with Yvette and David.

Each Panera, and I’ve been in MANY of them, though I do know a man who can trump me, all have the same feel and look. Its very good branding minus the bad elevator music, but at least it’s not blaring in my ear like some other coffee joint.

The only really big difference between a Panera in Chicago and California is the culture. I usually order ice tea but today I order a Diet Pepsi, by the way I am not a fan of Pepsi but I take what I can get. Anyways, I asked the nice and handsome Assistant Store Manager for a Pop. He stopped and looked at me like I just told him to perhaps, fuck off. He then smiled and promptly asked me where I came from because it’s obvious I wasn’t from California. I told him Chicago, because its close enough, and I said I forgot I am in soda-land! He said, “Yes, and you should probably stop using the word pop.”

By the way, can someone tell me why I can’t find a freakin’ outlet in this place that is really the only drawback? I have to make sure my ThinkPad is fully charged every time I come! Is it because they want to save on electricity? Going Green by taking away my power? Or maybe a building developer that didn’t think we needed outlet? Plus, people keep asking me where the outlets are! I don’t work here, I applied, but that’s a different story.

…….I miss Chicago and all our pop!

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