Working the American Music Awards

Headed up north to Los Angeles tomorrow for a Pre-American Music Awards event.

I have been invited to “work”, again I use the word work loosely meaning, I don’t get paid but will have a great time, for a SWAG event. Yes, free stuff! Not so much for me, but for the “Rock Gods” that will come tomorrow to pick up free stuff. I hope they don’t put the Fall Out Boys in the same category as someone like Steven Tyler or Eddie Van Halen. I might have issues with that.

It’s funny how people who don’t need free stuff are the ones that receive it and the people in my position that work for free to get somewhere get nothing but a free meal. Its the price we pay for getting ahead in life and mingling with talented people.

Be prepared for pictures and stories tomorrow! This should be fun considering I have my trouble-some sidekick and awesome Asian Friend!

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