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  • Super Jealous!!!

    I am thoroughly jealous of Jessica because at this moment she is in Vegas waiting for Chris Cornell to appear on stage. At approximately 8:45 pm she will be in the front rows to shoot pictures of the show. (Those should be available on the blog tomorrow.) As for right now let me count the ways I’m jealous! Could it be his great looks? His amazing talent on instruments? His lyrical abilities? Or better yet, his super sultry voice. Hmmm. Although, all these are great reasons to be jealous I think my favorite has to be that sultry unduplicated voice. Many of us have loved that voice since, Audioslave, and even further back Soundgarden. His abilities as an artist are definitely among THE best. From early beginnings as a boy learning piano, then drums, then guitar, and last but not least singer/songwriter he has proven that he has the staying power to be ranked among the best rock musicians out there. Stay tuned for more from Jessica…….

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