Chris Cornell: Kicking off the South American Tour!

Chris Cornell
Pearl Theater @ The Palm’s Casino
Friday November 23, 2007

Chris Cornell 11 23 07 @ The Pearl in Las Vegas NV

Update: A Preshow Huddle Video!

A little late, but better than never. The Chris Cornell show on Friday was super fabulous. As a fan of Soundgarden and his solo work Friday’s show had a great mix of songs from both eras.

It began with Chris stating that this was the last show in North America, but it sounded too sad, so it became the kickoff of the South American Tour. The show was opened with one of my personal favorites, “Let Me Drown” off Superunknown.

The later it got into the show the more powerful and comfortable his voice felt. He truly is one of the great front man of our times with his powerful and soulful voice. He easily ranks with the likes of Warren Haynes and it showed on Friday.

Midway through Chris pulled out acoustic for same mix of popular hits and even Billy Jean, yes, Billy Jean. He pulled from Sweet Euphoria and Superunknown’s 4th of July. I have never seen Soundgarden live and it was amazing to hear the man sing my favorites even minus the rest of Soundgarden. A member of the crowd even wrote a request out and the guys jumped right on the chance. The band switched their gear and jumped tight into request without missing a beat.

I must admit when the show was in the beginning stages the crowd seemed like it was recovering from eating way too much turkey the day before, but deeper into the set the louder and more active the crowd became. You could feel the energy by the end of the show.

With a great mix of encore, Chris and the band ended the night appropriately with Led Zeppelin’s “A Whole lot of Love.” I saw a woman sitting in front of me start to leave her seat and then they ripped into Zeppelin and I saw her come running back to her seat. You should NEVER leave a show early, you never know what you are going to miss!

We have tons more photos…we are in the middle of revamping this blog. When we give it the bog overhaul we will be archiving more photos from this show. Keep this page bookmarked and check back regularly.

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Our next show….

December 4th – Hinder

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