Sherwood – The Riviera Theatre – Chicago

The Riviera Theatre – Chicago
Saturday, November 24, 2008

I do not know any of this band’s songs. I am not going to lie about that. But I am wondering why I do not know them because they are DAMN GOOD CATCHY SONGS with GREAT HOOKS. I am serious: their songs are more radio-friendly than anything I have heard recently. Even more so than the concert’s headliner’s (The Academy Is…) own songs if you ask me… I really enjoyed their entire set, which is rare with me and an opening act that I did not specifically come to see at a show.

They won me over last night. I am now a fan of Sherwood. I saw them for the first time last spring at the House of Blues when they opened for Reliant K. There were two back-to-back shows and I attended the first one. I actually vaguely remember liking the band’s music when I heard them that time in May of this year. I would gladly go see them again if they come back to Chicago for a headlining show, which they said they are going to do in the spring! My friend was at the Metro for the Circa Survive show last night, but she even told me that she wishes she would have gone to this show instead to see Sherwood. She LOVES them.

The one thing that irked me about this band’s live show though, is the keyboardist and his unnecessary funky dancing. It is just uncalled for. He distracts you from the music because he is always doing the stupidest, weirdest movements and “trying” to dance. But he just looks like an idiot and makes a fool of himself. I hope other fans do not judge the rest of the band members and think they are weirdos too. I do not want him to give the band a bad name or reputation because he is whacked out. They would be just as good, if not better, if he just stood there and played his instruments.

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