The Redwalls – Metro – Chicago

The Redwalls
The Metro – Chicago


The Redwalls 4

Okay, first off I have to admit that I was not exactly looking forward to watching The Redwalls. Only because they are classified as “Indie rock ‘n roll” and I do not like many bands in that musical genre. BUT, I told myself to go check out their show at the Metro to hear their music and decide for myself if I liked them or not. I got in free, because I intern at the venue and signed up to cover that show. I got a +1, so I brought my friend Ashley who had never heard of this band in her life, but is always up for a free show and came with me. We got there a little late (after they had started) due to the freaking el (train) taking FOREVER (stupid public transportation), but we saw them play for about an hour and 15 minutes. I have to say though, I am now officially a huge fan. Not only because they are from Chicago, or that they played Lollapalooza 2005, or that they live in my neighborhood of Lakeview and do their grocery shopping at the same Jewel-Osco that I shop at….yeah I know, I know…

The Redwalls 2

Anyway! I am a huge fan now because I actually LIKED THEIR MUSIC A LOT! The song they were playing when Ashley and I walked in, and one of the last songs they played before their encore, were our favorites. Ashley and I both agreed that most off their material in the middle of their set was mediocre and sounded the same (generic). They reminded us of The Beatles because they all took turns singing different songs or verses of songs, and they could all play each other’s instruments and switched guitars and basses for a few songs. It was nice to see everyone in the band get a turn to shine and show off their talent. The bassist, rhythm guitarist and lead guitarist all could sing, so that was a plus. The drummer was new to the band, I guess he just joined and replaced the old drummer. From where we were standing, there was a huge cymbol blocking his face, so we could never see what he looked like. The only thing we could see was that he had blond hair and the other three guys had brown.

The Redwalls 1

The bassist had a really cool bass that was shaped like a guitar pick and there was a huge red, white, and blue flag hanging on the wall behind them on the stage as a backdrop. There were white Christmas lights hung on the drum kit set and across the stage over the equipment. It was a really pretty stage set up. A lot of songs only had red and blue lights on the band, so it was hard to get good pictures without good light, but as Ashley pointed out, they are called The Redwalls. So I guess that having red lights shining on them was quite appropriate…

The Redwalls 3

The Redwalls 5

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