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Last week during the Drex Morning Show, it was announced that Pete “Petersworth” Gallindo’s position at WKSC-FM (103.5) had been eliminated. The statement came from Earl Jones, President and Marketing Manager of Clear Channel Radio in Chicago . The cut backs in staff came from Clear Channel’s desire to push internet sales in the new year. These positions included but were not limited to Pete “Petersworth” Gallindo’s Producer position, Alexx Dupri’s overnight show, along with an Event Manager from the Promotions Department also was eliminated. To cover some of Dupri’s former hours, Billy Hammond’s late-night show will be extended. The Drex Morning Show will also be extended 1 hour.

As a fan of the show I will miss Petey dearly. I loved all of his senseless antics! Just the sound of his voice in the morning mad me swoon. I could never get over how much excitement he would put into the opening of Drexess Hollywood every morning, or the way he would say “Oh Mel…” The best was when lady callers would call in and Petey would guess the size of their cookies. Then yell out “She’s Got Big Cookies!” The morning show wasn’t only Drex and Mel T, Petey made it a powerful trio. I have to say listening to the show this past week without Petey is a huuuge change. Even though the format of the show’s topics haven’t changed, you can feel that it just isn’t the same. But as Drex said “The show must go on.”

Though many listeners feel helpless in this situation there is a petition I found posted by a member of Kiss FM’s networking site, The Mob:



The Petition
We the undersigned demand the re-instatement of Pete Gallindo’s job position at WKSC-FM, effective immediately. The Drex Morning Show’s loyal listeners are deeply upset in regards to Clear Channel Radio’s poor decision in eliminating Gallindo’s position and demand action, now!

A public, and formal announcement was made on December 5, 2007 on The Drex Morning Show by radio personalities “Drex” and “Mel T”. The announcement confirmed that “Petersworth” would no longer be joining The Drex Morning Show due to the fact that Gallindo’s job position was eliminated. This announcement not only came as a great shock to all of WKSC-FM’s listeners, but also came as a great shock to his crew members.

Earl Jones, president and market manager of Clear Channel Radio stated in the Sun-Times that he was “re-expressing our assets to achieve greater results”. We the undersigned FIRMLY believe that Clear Channel Radio has made a poor decision in letting Pete Gallindo go as a radio personality and also believe that Clear Channel Radio would achieve much greater results if they were to reinstate Gallindo’s job position, for the sake of all Clear Channel listeners, as well as their crew members.

We the undersigned do understand the reasons behind such a drastic decision from Clear Channel Radio, but do not understand why Gallindo’s position was eliminated first. Us listeners will remain loyal to The Drex Morning Show, but strongly urge you to reconsider your decision, and advise you to bring “Petersworth” back. We the listeners have noticed that there is a big void in the show. We urge you not to try to “fix what is not broken”. We strongly urge that WKSC-FM reconsiders their decision and take immediate action to rectify this situation.

We the undersigned are completely shocked and very discontent with the decisions that were made by Earl Jones and Clear Channel Radio, and demand that the Producer position be re-instated and given back to Pete Gallindo. Please take this petition as loud cry of outrage from all of WKSC-FM and Clear Channel Radio’s listeners. We will not stop until our petition is reviewed!!!

Posted on Drex’s blog at

Petersworth…..We love him. We will miss him….dX~ Hey Guys, I appreciate all of ur support. Mel and I were crushed ny this corporate move. But, we tried, we cried, we screamed. There is nothing we can do. CC, as do many big corporations make decisions that are out of one’s control. That is the case here. Someone mentioned, well DreX u mentioned all ur bonus money that u made by beating eddie and jobo. That’s true. I want u to know that I DID make that offer to the company 2 help pay him, and the bottom line was, thank you, but, the position has been eliminated. Period. End of story. Mel and I have done everything we could….realy, u have no idea how much drama this has been for us personally. PLEASE, trust me on this, Pete and I are the very best of friends. He sends his love and he will land on his feet.When the very next time I have the opportunity to change the current situation, I will do EVERYTHING possible to get him back. Even if I pay him myself.Until then, this is our heartbreak and situation. Mel and I must deal with it. We LOVE Chicago and u…our listeners, and our show. We could break out the bad attitude…but, what would come of that. Ahhhh, most likely no more show. So, again , please allow us to give u all we’ve got and give us a chance. I will make sure management see’s ur petition and comments. But, as they say, the show must go on…and we love u guys to much blow it. Mucho Amor….DreX

Clear Channel Radio cuts program staff to boost online and sales units

December 4, 2007

BY ROBERT FEDER Sun-Times Columnist

Declaring itself more than just “a radio company,” Clear Channel Radio trimmed at least four staffers from its programming payroll Monday to shift its resources to Internet and sales ventures.

The end-of-the-year cuts came days after Clear Channel made similar moves in Los Angeles .

Topping the list was Armando Rivera, once considered a rising star, whose position was dropped as assistant program director and music director at urban adult-contemporary WVAZ-FM (102.7), known as V103.

Victor “The Diz” Blackful, a veteran of urban contemporary WGCI-FM (107.5), was laid off as evening personality. Replacing him alongside Frankie Robinson will be Leon Rogers, who had been morning traffic reporter.

At WKSC-FM (103.5), the rhythmic Top 40 station known as Kiss FM, Alexx Dupri is out as overnight personality. To cover some of Dupri’s former hours, Billy Hammond’s late-night show will be extended.

Also at Kiss FM, Pete Gallindo is out as producer of Kevin “Drex” Buchar’s morning show.

An additional position of event manager in Clear Channel’s promotion department also was eliminated.

Explaining the layoffs, Earl Jones, president and market manager of Clear Channel Radio in Chicago , said in a statement: “We are re-expressing our assets to achieve greater results.

“We will have more employees in 2008 than in 2007 as a result of an increased sales force and the establishment of a local Internet sales and programming division. We are not only a radio company — we are a platform for content,” Jones said.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Keep us posted on what happens!!
    We all know how much I LOOOOOVE ClearChannel.

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