Concert Etiquett: PLEASE READ!!

I had an absolute blast at my first Tori Amos concert last night! Just an absolute fun time, I could gush about for awhile, but that’s what the review will be for and this on the other hand to raise a couple problems that did disturb my concert appreciation last night. The problems involved a select few in the crowd!

I never took Tori as having rowdy or rude fans, but last night someone let a few of them out to play. Tori had to stop midway through a song to tell a fan to “get out of my fucking show!” Tori reminded the fan that sitting front row is a privilege and those are her seats that she gives to people who love music. Rock on Tori!The sad part is Tori didn’t see the two young woman that those of us around wanted to throw off the mezzanine. Yes, those two girls who sat in Row G seats 46 and 48. If I see you at another concert disrupting my concert experience that I paid for I will throw you off the mezzanine or maybe just out the door.

Concert Etiquett #1Talking:ok:Turning to your friends to say, “This show is great”, or “this is my favorite song” is cool. Everybody does it!Not OK: Talking to your friend EXCESSIVELY and so LOUDLY that you can be heard over artist themselves!

Concert Etiquett #2Drinking:OK: Cool, have a couple drinks. You paid for the tickets sit down, relax and enjoy yourself.NOT OK: Don’t get so drunk that your mouth doesn’t know when to stop or you start dancing in the mezzanine where someone is likely to push you over the rail because you are in their view!

Concert Etiquett #3Phone Usage:OK: Checking to see what time it is or even to take pictures with your cellphone.Not OK: EXCESSIVE texting on your phone. Go home if you want to text! Why did you pay for the ticket?In conclusion, even here at Live Hub we have to pay for tickets. As fans, we pay the price and all the ticketmaster fees. Yes that means you paid for it and it’s your experience, but don’t go and disturb mine! Please stay away from the “excess” at a concert because someone is going to tell you stop or maybe, just maybe, kick you in the head as you talk too much to your friend. Some of us wear shit-kickers to concerts for a reason!Please be considerate of others!Thanks!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Tori Amos
    Copley Symphony Hall, San Diego, CA

    Pictures are from November 5th at the Auditorium Theatre & November 6th at The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL – Jennifer Boyer-

    So three of us went to this particular show. Myself I’m a vete

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