Myspace Artist: An Unexcpeted Surprise

Kate Voegele
House of Blues – San Diego, CA

Kate Voegele San Diego House of Blues

We arrived at the House of Blues to a small crowd of hardcore fans of Ben Lee (headliner). The lights dimmed the curtains opened to reveal the stripped down stage and three performers.

Kate Voegele San Diego House of BluesKate was on stage with guitar in hand. She opened with “One Way or Another.” (Not the Blonde Song) We knew by the first note that came from her mouth that she has talent unlike many of today’s pop singers that can’t perform live.She opened her second song with a story to the crowd. The story? She performed this song on One Tree Hill and she had to play it over and over and over to get it right in the show. She also gave us a heads up that K-Fed (the Former Mr. Britney Spears) gave her the thumbs up on the song. He was on One Tree Hill with her. Many of you may know the song called ” It’s Only Life.” K-Fed was right, Kate did a beautiful job at her piano with this song!

For her last song, “Only Fooling Myself”, she let us know that she was leaving for North Carolina today to shoot the video for it. She sure will be busy! This was the end of the 6 week tour with Cary Brothers and Ben Lee.

Overall, it was so great to see talent and not needing to be backed by a huge accompaniment, no stage flare, just the music. It was refreshing and pleasure to get to see Kate live.

The girl has lots of talent and you can check out her album on iTunes! Buy it Here

Side note, We DO NOT receive money if you buy the album through this link.

Complete set list: (Thanks Kate!)

One Way or Another
Wish You Were
It’s Only Life
I Get it
Only Fooling Myself

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