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Tori Love

Tori Amos
Copley Symphony Hall, San Diego, CA

Tori Amos ChicagoPictures are from November 5th at the Auditorium Theatre & November 6th at The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL – Jennifer Boyer

So three of us went to this particular show. Myself I’m a veteran fan of 15 years. Jessica is a fan of about 8 years and our friend Marie a new fan as of this year. Here’s my feelings of how the night went. The venue is set in a tall building in lovely downtown. It had a parking garage inside the building which was very narrow. This is not good if you tend to be claustrophobic. We did however survive that part. Copley Hall itself is a beautiful venue. The inside was very ornate in a Victorian-like setting. The seating was plush and even though we were up top on the mezzanine level there was not a single bad seat in the house.

Tori Amos ChicagoOpening for Tori was Yoav. Yoav was an unknown to us, but we ended up enjoying his part of the show. He is a one man act that sings and plays guitar. He did both very well. You can check him out at Yoav music. His set was approximately 30 mins and a nice prelude to Tori.

Lights go down and everyone knows what time it is. It’s time for the songstress of words to make her long awaited appearance. She comes out on stage to a roaring crowd of Tori lovers. She is wearing her first costume/character of the evening and there would be two more personalities throughout the night. She is playful and perfect. Her voice is ever the sound of seduction in every note. Her fingers massage the instruments like a careful lover caressing each and every key with a concentrated pleasure. She played treats from her almost all her albums. Among the songs for the night were: Body & Soul, She’s Your Cocaine, Hoochie Woman, Raspberry Swirl, Yo George, Scarlet’s Walk, Professional Widow, Teenage Hustling, Cornflake Girl, Your Cloud, Velvet Revolution, Dark Side Of the Sun, Precious Things, Leather, Hey Jupiter. That’s just some of the songs she performed that night!
~Svetlana McCarthy

The Jessica Perspective:

I have been a Tori Fan for about 8 years, but this was my first time seeing Tori LIVE! I have worked and enjoyed many music venues inside and outdoor, but never have a run into a more beautiful symphony hall. The sound was great and there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

Tori went on and the crowd went wild. Every move or motion she made was recognized with a scream or cheer. Tori fans are die-hard and very loyal. I was completely enjoying myself until the two arrogant drunk girls in front of us couldn’t stop talking! They talked louder than the sound system. There is concert etiquette, but obviously these two girls forgot about it. Concert Etiquette

The two girls in front of us weren’t the only ones pissing off others around them, Tori had to stop mid-song to tell two other girls to leave. That was me being nice, Tori didn’t use nice words, but whatever those two Nimrods did angered Tori.

If you ever get a chance or opportunity to see Tori, do it! She puts on a fabulous show at she went through several character changes. Notice Character and not costume.

Would I go see Tori again? Yes in 1/2 a heartbeat!

Marie’s Experience:

Tori Amos ChicagoMy own wintery whimsical wonderland treat. Tightly tucked in a corner street, deep in the center of downtown San Diego, everyone driving in to enjoy this Tori show is siphoned through an ever long, blind spot narrow nightmare of an ascending spiral tunnel. Copley Hall is an amazing venue, don’t get me wrong, so long as you disregard the hard search and squeeze to find a place to park and the maze like directions needed to finally reach the entrance of the event and to return back to you car.

Once given the opportunity to appreciate the venue the grand structure and details clearly state how appropriate this exquisite and charming setting is as a backdrop for the donned up quirky pool of fans that Tori attracts. Simply entering the Copley Concert Hall marked the beginning of an experience to remember for all times; instantly one is given the impression that you are falling upon a classy, ornate and tasteful show.

Tori is without a doubt a storytelling rock star concert performer professional. I gotta admit, I don’t know much about her, I’ve known as much as anyone would know from her pop days in the late 90’s. But this one show alone speaks volumes of Tori’s commanding, honed-to-precision-point, provocative, perfectly projected singing and piano/organ skills. She has lent herself to adapt tactfully into the more rock realm than the crooner days of yore. Her still yet strong ultra feminine presence transforms into a few different titillating characters, even the songs take on different forms between sweet and soft, dark and hard and even energetic and dancey. What remains consistent throughout the show are the powerfully supportive yet quietly seen band members, the brilliant storytelling manner and pace of the show orchestrated by the song choices and order of songs and how moving the acoustics of the venue (keep in mind built for the reputed San Diego symphony) enhanced experiencing Tori’s musical delivery. Tori is one to be seen, respected and admired. As Tori reminded one unworthy ticket holder while they were escorted to leave, in her take-no-bullshit demeanor, she announced that it’s a privilege to have a seat at her show and Oh how I agree.

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