15 North

15 North
Temecula, CA

15 North 2 2 2008 Temecula Samuel Larson, Cameron lucker, BryceThis talented young group of 4 has been together for 2 years and have been making a name for themselves throughout Southern California. After having heard about them through the local scene we thought we’d check them out. First we previewed their work on their Myspace page. Listeners also have the option of downloading the songs for $0.99 each. We then drove out to Temecula where they displayed their talents in a community showcase event of teenage talent. Although the show was not the size venue the boys have become accustomed to, they proved that they aren’t yet too big for their britches. 15 North sounds good on Myspace, but they’re even better live. The best treat of all is that they played 2 acoustic songs. I love acoustic songs if played well and they did just that. The song titles directly from Saturday evenings set list were: Locked, Love In An Angel, Temptation Overdose, Blessed, Pocket Change, Last Song, and Get Back Cladders. Check them out on their Myspace page for show dates in your area.

15 North Myspace Page

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  1. These are the most talented High Schoolers I have ever seen live!! If you get a chance to see these guys live don’t hesitate and enjoy the show!

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