Nemesis Theory

Nemesis Theory
Penny Road Pub – Barrington, IL

I really need to come out to PRP more often! Where do I start?! Well, for those of you who are not in the know, as of January 1st Illinois is now smoke-free. Many angry bar owners have tried to fight this ban but I must say the owners at Penny Road have the right idea. They have their very own Magic Bus, it’s an outdoor heated bus in its own corral. Brilliant! Another site to see here is the Live Lobster Crane. You know what I’m talking about. The arcade game that we have all played back in the day full of stuffed animals. Now think of the same game full of live lobsters, it’s crazy! For $2 a round you can try to win one of these lobsters, and if you win PR will cook it for you.

Nemesis Theory is a hard rock, heavy metal band from Wonder Lake. Their material is a combination of cover & original material. Saturday night was full of head bangin’ music and you better believe the head bangers were out in full force. I have never been a big metal fan, but I will definitely come out to see these guys again. They were so much fun, Tom Wilson can really belt it out. I had no idea what to expect Saturday night, but between Tom’s vocals, the way Joe handled his whammy bar, and the rock lobster it was a good night for all.

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  1. So, did you catch us all a lobster? I am still waiting for mine!

  2. Steve M says:

    I heard about these guys and went to check em out. HOLYSHIT!!!! unreal how good they were. A MUST SEE ACT!!!!

  3. J.P.S says:

    Holy Hell I wanna catch a lobster how cool would that be…


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