Music Gadgets: The Better of the Brands

There has been lots of arguing and teasing going around here at Live Hub about Brands and who is better. One of the biggest rivalries that is currently a hot topic at Live Hub is Apple vs PC and iPod vs Zune.

After much debate, we decided that there were way to many biases for us to make the decision on which computers and devices are better, so we are taking it the people. With each interview we do we are asking artists for their opinion, and we are curious to which is more popular in the musician’s realm.

Yes, iPod did just release their iPod Touch in 32 Gig version. I have owned both an iPod and a Zune. I don’t own a Mac and iTunes never really did like my computer, so I wasn’t going to jump up and buy a new one when the battery went kaput and I ripped off the screen in anger. Microsoft’s Zune player really is a good choice and I give props to them for beating Apple to the market with wireless connectivity on the players, not that use it but someone may. Zune player’s software actually work much better on my pc too! The program doesn’t bog down my computer like the iTunes program did.

Hurray for Zune and let the tallies begin.

The War is on, iPod vs Zune /Macs vs PC!

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