Kate Voegele – Sold Out In Chicago

Kate Voegele
Schubas – Chicago , IL

Kate Voegele Schubas Chicago

Schubas is usually a good time. I have seen some great bands play here. The concert area is very intimate. There is a main bar area that is in its own separate room, the drink prices are average for a city bar. For the most part the service is hit or miss (we missed).

Kate Voegele was the first artist to be signed to MySpace Records in October of 2006. Last night Kate played songs from her new album Don’t Look Away. I got to meet Kate before the show and I must say after talking with her and listening to her sing live, I was amazed at how powerful her voice is. The crowd was chill, the show was filled with great music, and some interesting stories of being on the road. Kate shared how her band mates are like big brothers to her. She talked about how stoked she was when she got to check out the touring bus and noticed there was a shower on board. She mentioned showering while the bus was in route probably isn’t such a good idea. Once while showering she fell out of the shower and tumbled into the hallway…not such a good time to be the only girl on the bus. No, this really didn’t happen, but shows Kate’s sense of humor. It was great talking with her. Be sure to check back for Jennifer’s interview with Kate Voegele. For now here are some pics to hold you over.

Check out Kate Voegele at katevoegele.com or at myspace.com/katevoegele

Photos of Kate Voegele:

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