No More Internet for You!

Today from London (AFP) announced British plans to cut illegal downloaders off from the internet.

New government plans in the UK to hinder pirating of movies and music involve three “strikes” then they are out of an internet connection. The first email notification is to warn you that you are an offender. The second email notification is the one that lands the offender a “time out” or suspension from the Internet. The Third strike terminates your internet contract with your provider.

My opinion: This wouldn’t fly in the US Government. My other thought was, how do you get your third notice if you are suspended from you second strike? What about all the shared public facilities? Are they going to track you down there too? How do the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) feel about this? They would lose customers and customers=money.

I would really like to see how this one plays out.

For the full article visit: UK Internet Ban for Pirating

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