Pearl Aday: Mother-Rock


Ok, I love rock and roll and heavy metal. When I was growing up I really did hate it, but that’s only because my older brother listened to it. I used to be serenaded at night by the voice of James Hetfield through the walls. When you are young and listening to Paula Abdul, this is not a cool thing.

Finally realizing that my older brother was on to something, I started “borrowing” his albums and cds, meaning I would just take them and return them without him knowing. John- By the way, I did not take your Nirvana cd, I don’t know where that’s at. Moving on, metal moved me in a way pop music at the time couldn’t. It hit the chord in me that wanted to run around with fists in the air and create a circle pit in mom’s living room.

One band that is truly a great metal band and hit that chord with me is Anthrax. Myself, I am a John Bush fan, but I can dig the new front man, Dan Nelson! Catching up with all my Anthrax news a bit ago, I knew Scott Ian (yes, the bald guy with hairy chin, AKA the guy that always pops up on VH1) was dating Pearl Aday (Meatloaf’s Stepdaughter). I checked out her Myspace profile and was in for a great surprise…she can rock!

Pearl is glam goddess with a rocker voice. Her man, Scott, plays in the band on guitar. Nothing but fabulous! Check out “Nobody” on her Myspace. Another great song is “Rock Child.” She doesn’t have this on her Myspace, so you might as well try to catch her live dammit! For those who aren’t near the West Coast here is Pearl, Scott Ian, and Jerry Cantrell performing live.

Did I mention she rocks big? She is opening for Velvet Revolver in March in the UK. I know there are readers from the UK out there. This is a show I wouldn’t miss! If I didn’t have to drive 8 hours north to San Fran on the 24th I would be driving 4.5 hours to Vegas to catch her show FREE show at the DIVEBAR in Vegas.


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