Age of The Fallen

Age of The Fallen
The Little Big Horn-Mundelein, IL

Age of the Fallen Penny Road Pub

Saturday night was Heavy Metal Night at The Little Big Horn featuring Undermine, Caustic Burn, Age of the Fallen, and Broken Will. When I heard the cover was only $5 for 4 bands I had to check it out! This was my first time at Little Big Horn and unfortunately will be my last. I heard the show was an all-ages show, but it seems there was a serious miscommunication issue. There were at least 30 underage kids who showed up for a night full of metal. For the ones who didn’t have a parent or guardian with them ended up getting their money back and the boot, which is funny because from what I understand some of the guys in Broken Will are still in High School. Another complaint I was told about was the option of bringing in outside drinks. All singers need water before, during, and after a show. Preston from Age of The Fallen was told he could not bring in his unopened bottled water. I suppose I don’t see what the problem is, either let artists bring in their own water or supply them with it! Lastly, the drink special for the night was 23oz drafts for $2.50. We went up to the bar not once but twice and was told “I only have one glass left.” The first time we said ok then I guess I will take one. The second time we got a smaller beer and a drink token for the next round.

Age of The Fallen is Preston on Vocals, Peter and Jake on guitar, Nikk on bass, & Alex on drums. The band formed last July and even though the band has gone through a lot of changes since 2004, it seems everyone has found their rightful place. The show was full of energy, fast playing riffs, and angry growls. Their set list from Saturday consisted of Heartless, Addiction, Imperial, Reaper, Burning, Soldier of Hate, Black Heart, Redemption, Deciet, and Eys of Death. I will definitely be checking them out again.

Check out Age of The Fallen at Myspace

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  1. Alex (AotF) says:

    Thank you so much for coming out and checking out the show, and for the awesome review. I hope to see you guys again soon.

  2. J.P.S says:

    The bar indeed sucked but Age of the fallen always rocks when I see them preform!!
    Hopefully they’ll have some upcoming shows soon only this time at a better bar!

  3. Jake says:

    Hey I wanted to thank you for coming out Saturday. I hope you can make it out next time. It will be even better.

  4. It sounds like the bar was crappy, but the pictures look like everyone was still rocking out and having a great time!

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