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Giving Back To The Patrons

Every bar has their weekday specials to get more customers in the door. What makes me angry is why not have drink specials on the weekend? I know, it’s because people are out and about more on the weekend anyway, so why bother? Let’s make as much money as we can! But seriously I would totally opt to go to a neighborhood bar to socialize, see a band, and have some reasonable priced drinks. It’s better than cleaning my house. Why don’t our neighborhood bars give back a little more to us patrons?

I know the last time I posted about The Little Big Horn there was a lot of disappointment, but I have to admit I think they are on to something. We noticed this sign, try to look past the grammar.

Having the bartender match the money you play in the jukebox is a pretty sweet deal. If there was a bar near me who offered to match my jukebox monies I would totally be a Monday regular!

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