PicrossDS: A Puzzling Game

Hello friends and gamers! Welcome to the second weekly installment of Music in Games. This week I’ll be covering a neat little handheld game-PicrossDS!


This Nintendo DS game was released by Nintendo and Jupiter in 2007. At face value, Picross is a very simple game where there is a set number if pixels (10×10 or 15x 15 and even later on advanced levels, 20×20) with a picture hidden inside. By using number guides on the sides of the puzzle, the player must discover the image within the pixels via process of elimination.

This is definitely a puzzle game that will appeal to all levels of puzzle gamers. The easy levels are extremely easy but there are some more difficult levels that even I’m having trouble beating. Did I mention that all of the puzzles have a time limit, and every time you make a mistake it gives you a time penalty? There is also a theme to each level. Instead of just clicking little blue boxes, some of the boxes become flowers, etc. depending on the level you’re on. There are also daily challenges where you can track your progress in a Brain-Age fashion. I get a kick out of seeing how bad (or well) I’ve done lately.

Now to the music! Unfortunately there isn’t much of a variety of music in this game; it’s about as repetitive as it gets. It seems like the music is meant to be a background feature in this game-not a focal point. Some of the puzzles can take up to an hour and I think that the music is meant to be listened to for that length of time. The track reminds me a little of Jamacian music-the steel drums are the most noticeable sound. After a while, I swear you dream that song, but that’s only if you play this game too much like I do.

Picross is a game that I highly suggest for any puzzle or OCD gamers, but don’t expect much from the music in this game. Regardless, don’t pass Picross by. I have a feeling that this could become the first game in a series of games, and for only $20.00, it’s definitely worth a try!

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