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Mariah Carey
Touch My Body

Mariah Carey Touch my Body cover

Mariah Carey’s new single, Touch My Body, from her upcoming album E=MC2 is a hit. As usual. All of her songs are basically hits. That is just how it is ladies and gentlemen. The first thing I thought after hearing Mariah’s new single was, “Wow, she kind of held back on belting out the notes near the end of the song.” A typical Mariah song usually starts out with light, airy, breathy vocals and gets gradually stronger and louder throughout the second verse and chorus. After the bridge is when Mariah normally lets it rip, so to speak. Her vocal range is more than any opera singer! She has at least five octaves that she can sing in anytime, anywhere. I respect her as a singer more than any other diva alive. And no, I have no problem whatsoever calling her a diva. I truly believe she deserves that title.

As with her previous 17 #1 singles, Touch My Body is written and produced by Ms. Carey. Most people are not aware that she writes and produces all of her songs and albums. Just because she does not play an instrument on stage while performing, people assume she cannot write music. Well, wake up people! Read the liner notes when you buy the album at the store. All of the writing and producing credits will say M. Carey, as in, Mariah Carey. There may be a few other names along with hers, but that just means she collaborates with other writers and producers to create the best music possible. What is so wrong with that?

Even if I was as talented as Mariah, I would still want to work with other people in the music industry to improve on my musical ability and talent. Musicians can always get better at playing their instrument and writing music. In the case of Mariah, her voice is her instrument. I do not think anybody can deny the fact that her singing capability more than makes up for the lack of guitar or piano playing. The training does not stop just because you have a #1 album or a smash radio hit on the Billboard 100.

Not only is she the best-selling female solo artist in the history of music, she also has more #1 singles than any other solo female artist. Yes, she even beats out Madonna and other divas whom you might think have more hits than Mariah. Only Elvis Presley and The Beatles have more #1 singles than Ms. Carey. Believe it. It is a fact of life. Why ruin a winning formula? This songstress knows exactly what she is doing in the recording studio.

All right, that is it for now people. Go find Touch My Body on the Internet and listen to it ASAP. Peace out.

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