San Fran Music Tech Conference

Last Monday I attended the San Fran Music Tech conference in none other than San Francisco. Morning rush hour commuting is terrible, it took me 3 hours to get to the hotel where the conference took place, which should only be 2 hours max according to Google Maps. Yet Google maps also told me the San Fransisco International Airport was on the Great Hwy and told me to turn left. For anyone who’s ever been on the Great Hwy knows if you turn left in the direction I was going you’d be in the Great Pacific Ocean. Unless Google has a new top secret project where they are constructing an underwater airport with Wi-Fi, they got it wrong. I digress.

The conference was an experience. I met a lot of great and interesting people along with a great company, Media Melon, who is going to deliver our video content to you in High Quality on this blog. Well just as soon as I get my desktops from Illinois to transfer off the DV. Keep your eyes pealed for video clips of interviews and shows from artists.

It’s really funny with all these conferences that I go to everybody tells the audience what they do and they problems they have yet only a small portion actually dove into how to maybe solve the problems. I give props to the Publicists that were on one panel and wouldn’t let us leave until we had a solution. There are too many panel discussions where all we do is bitch and nothing gets solved.

I am glad I walked out of there with one solution. It’s our video solution and am very excited to be working with Media Melon.

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