Punisher Rocks! (Literally)

Music plays a huge roll in our everyday lives. From the music we buy to video games, bars, restaurants, television shows, shopping, it’s even improved the feel of sporting events. My personal favorite, however, is movie soundtracks.

The Punisher Soundtrack

I love movies and have found that often times a good soundtrack can make or break a good movie.

One of the best movie soundtracks to date is the 2004 version of The Punisher. (For those that didn’t know there was a 1989 version with Dolph Lundgren as the Punisher.) The 2004 version starred Thomas Jane as the Punisher and John Travolta as the villain. (Both good choices.) The movie is based on a comic series by Marvel that came out in 1974. The Punisher is the classic anti-hero who has no problems killing the bad guys.

Let’s get down to the music side of things. To truly capture the nature of this character a good soundtrack is essential to bring about the appropriate moods throughout the film. Where better to look than at rock/alternative artists. Many of the artists on the album were established well before the movie came out. They have several albums worth checking out and have even had songs associated with other film soundtracks.

The songs and artists are: Time For People – Atomship, The End Has Come – Ben Moody, Still Running – Chevelle, Ashes to Ashes – Damageplan featuring Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains, Step Up – Drowning Pool, Eyes Wired Shut – Edgewater, Slow Chemical – Finger Eleven, In Time – Mark Collie (Who performed the song in the film as the character “Harry ‘Heck’ Thornton,” Slow Motion – Nickelback, Bleed – Puddle Of Mudd, Never Say Never – Queens Of The Stoned Age, Sold Me – Seether, Broken – Seether featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence, Sick – Seven Wiser, Finding Myself – Smile Empty Soul, Piece By Piece – Strata, Complicated – Submersed, Lost In A Portrait – Trapt.

I’m sure as you’ve read this you have noticed that many of these bands are well known great bands maybe even many of which you already like. I couldn’t find one song that I didn’t like or didn’t think fit perfectly with this movie. If you haven’t already, add this awesome soundtrack to your digital music collection. Stay tuned for the next soundtrack review…

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