The Northstar Session

The Northstar Sessions
The Gypsy Lounge – Irvine/Lake Forest, CA

The Northstar Session is:

Matthew Szlachetka GUITAR | VOCALS

The Northstar Sessions The Gypsy Lounge - Irvine/Lake Forest, CA

It was a cloudy Saturday, yet it was a quick drive to get up to Lake Forest Dr. for the Northstar Session show. The Northstar session is a group of guys in Southern California, but not all originated here. They are transplants from around the country.

I got to the Gypsy just in time for Ms. Molly Jensen and her band. Molly stood out by a segway into one of her songs, after she got the crowd roaring with laughter, she told us to think of dead puppies. It was a sad sad song that she was about to sing, so sad she forgot the lyrics because she was too distracted thinking about dead puppies. It was great to watch.

The next band was the Pawn Shop Kings who opened with a bluegrass song that was dedicated to their grandma. That was on soulful and powerful song.

The Northstar Sessions were the last to play. Matt, Kane, Dave, and Paris started out with Lovely Life. Kane, the drummer, started the vocals in the song. The song was so Lovely and Kane’s mic was so shitty that Lovely Life was played again. It was much sweeter the second time around.

This band has great harmonies. I always love a band who can successfully have a drummer sing and play, at the same time, and still have the same amount of power behind each. I give these guys lots of props for that. All but their bass player was singing last night. I enjoyed “Been Here Before.” You can listen to the album version on their space. I actually like them playing it live better than the album version. It looks like I’ll be seeing them live more often. Check these guys out when they roll into your town.

The guys played for an hour and all looked truly happy to be up there playing to the crowd that stayed until 12:30 to see them.

Their set list for the night included:

Lovely Life
Straight to You
Handing On
Been Here Before
Let You Down
Poldy and Molly
Crazy Jade/Mean Mr. Mustard/Crazy Jade
Turn you Around
Worlds Apart
All Roads

I am excited to be attending their ACOUSTIC show April 9th show down in San Diego. I am a sucker for acoustic shows!

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  1. Jessica,

    Great to meet you Saturday night. Thanks for the review – it’s nice to have people out there doing great honest reviews of live music, and letting people know what we’re doing. Glad you liked the set, and hope to see you again sometime soon!


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