Facebook Music: WTF?!?!

Facebook is reportedly getting into music business. Reports are coming out from Billboard, major labels are in talk with Facebook. It’s so fascinating, lets sit back and think about this for a minute. Two “business” entities, neither can turn a profit, are getting together to sell music? Oh wait, it’ll be advertising based so it can be streamed for free and pay per download. How original! I can’t wait to see what these two entities,that don’t turn profits(or dropping each quarter), are going to do together.

If I were a musician I wouldn’t trust Mark Zuckerberg with my pencil. He wouldn’t return it and he is just a corporate “leader” who people think is the next Steve Jobs. That’s funny, didn’t Steve build a business where it had value to its costumers, and so much so that they PAID(and still paying) for his products? Funny, what does Facebook sell besides advertising because that’s not original?

Why is Facebook getting into music? My bet is Myspace rocks at doing the music promotion gig. Facebook might tout that their users are more educated, but I am not seeing artists flock to Facebook to promote their latest shows and releases like they do Myspace. Myspace carved a niche with their Myspace Music and fit the artists demographic.

My advice to Facebook, there is so much more you could be doing to fit your demographics, your music service will not last. Find your own niche Service. If you need help thinking of some I have ideas you can stir on, but for a price of course.

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