GRAMMY Soundcheck w/ A Fine Frenzy

A Fine Frenzy
Schubas – Chicago, IL

A Fine Frenzy Schubas

I had the opportunity to sit back and watch A Fine Frenzy run through her soundcheck at Schubas in Chicago on Wednesday afternoon. Then I had the chance to sit down with the lovely Alison Sudol and ask her anything my heart desired. Pretty cool, huh? You may be asking yourself how I did this. Well, I am a member of GRAMMY U, which is an organization for college students around the country to be a part of The Recording Academy. We all know the Recording Academy best as being the organization behind the annual GRAMMY Awards. All I have to do is join GRAMMY University while I am student at Columbia College Chicago, and I get to meet up and coming artists such as A Fine Frenzy and have a real discussion about the music industry with an artist living in the biz every day! How cool is that?! Pretty dang cool if you ask me…

A Fine Frenzy Schubas

I honestly had never heard of A Fine Frenzy before seeing her sound check a couple of days ago. All I knew was that one of my favorite bands, Paramore, had posted a blog saying that she (Alison Sudol) was all they were listening to while on tour in Europe. Paramore fans apparently took the band’s advice and checked out A Fine Frenzy’s music that same day Paramore posted their blog entry where they name-dropped her! About 15,000 Paramore fans read that blog and hit up A Fine Frenzy’s site to hear her music and find out what all the buzz was about. Lo and behold, Alison Sudol actually resembles Hayley Williams quite a lot in that she also has the same fire-engine red hair, pale white skin, and delicate bone structure as the leading lady of Paramore.

Back to sound check. I did not know what to expect since I had never heard the music of A Fine Frenzy, but when I saw an old off-white baby grand piano sitting up on stage, I knew I was in for a treat. Being a piano player myself, I could tell I was going to like what I would hear. I couldn’t helping wondering if this new chick on the scene was going to be a mini Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, or even Vanessa Carlton. More indie/folk than alternative/pop/rock, A Fine Frenzy is the perfect soundtrack for any coffeeshop’s background music. During the chatting portion of the afternoon, I was surprised that Alison did not mention any of the above female pianists as influences in her life, music, or career. She did, however, mention that Coldplay is one of her favorite bands and would love to tour, write, and perform with them one day. This did not surprise me since I absolutely love Coldplay too!

Now it is my turn to say “Go check out A Fine Frenzy at or at now!”

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  1. hmmmm…..I think we need to do a little bit of editing on this one. “A”

  2. Claire says:

    love the pics!

  3. I don’t know what happened, but those annoying “A”s are all gone now!

  4. I thought the “A”‘s added a lot of character to the article. No Pun intended. he hee

  5. Brian says:

    never heard of them myself. But yesterday I happened to see the video for “almost Lover” and..well I never thought a video could make me, a grown man, cry. But it sure did.

  6. Dodo says:

    Inclusive, Miley Cyrus is fan of A Fine Frenzy, she mentionated her in Miles to Go and when Miley had Twitter she talked about A Fine Frenzy . Cool!! Right? :D

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