Paying the Piper Each Month: Are you Ready?

Hmmm….is someone assuming that everybody is downloading music illegally? I know Mac users love to pay for their music via iTunes. I know they aren’t going to be happy to find an extra fee, whatever the collection agency decides on, to be on their ISP bill each month.

Does this mean my ISP can now track where I go and deem where I go and what I do illegal? For some reason that doesn’t sound right. Could someone be running into privacy issues here? I think so. I am sure my ISP is going mad with my bandwidth usage considering all the transferring we have been do yo our Amazon S3 account. How do they know what I am transferring, and it’s really none of their business because it’s my business.

Let’s now consider if all the above didn’t matter, is a $5 extra charge a month going to really cover anything? They would have to split the $5 charge among a lot of people who feel they need to be compensated. Before long, $5 will become $10 and so on and so forth. At which point are they going to feel justified?

Why do I believe the “The labels are beginning to like the idea of an access-to-music charge…?” Because they don’t have another choice. According to panels at the SXSW Conference in Texas, the labels are getting tired of making deals with internet companies like mine. The labels need to see the money, apparently this is our fault that they can’t find another revenue source for their company. They need to move on. NOW!

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    Jason Rakowski


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