How Weird? Katamari Damacy for Playstation 2

This week I’ll be covering a game I consider to be a modern classic: Katamari Damacy for the Playstation 2. This game was released by Namco in 2004 and it is one of the WEIRDEST games you will ever play. You never forget this game after playing it, and one of the reasons is the music.


Katamari Damacy is one of the simplest, yet awesomest games of all time. I remember playing this game on a friend’s Japanese PS2 before it hit the American market, and I wanted to keep playing it so badly that I was seriously considering buying a Japanese PS2 just to keep playing. The premise is basically a snowball effect. Your character, the tiny Prince of the Cosmos, rolls his Katamari (the snowball) around collecting objects until the Katamari gets larger and larger, thus picking up more objects. You can pick up everything from candy to children to continents in this game. The destruction you cause throughout the game is nothing short of gleeful and you’ll find yourself dreaming of colorful Katamari stages. Once you collect everything and beat all the stages, it definitely feels like a loss. But no worries, you can buy the more recent “We <3 Katamari” and get your fix. Thank you, Namco.

However, the biggest reason you’ll never forget Katamari Damacy is because the music is some of the most bizarre music you’ll ever hear in a video game. At first I remember laughing and asking my buddy if this game was serious because the music was something like a cross between elevator music and Japanese pop mixed with some kind of French thing going on. This crazy sound, along with people screaming as you pick them up in the Katamari, makes folks turn around and take notice. In college, in my VERY tiny and cramped dorm room, I had sometimes around 8 people all watching this game. Some of them had never even tried video games, but the wacky, welcoming nature of this simple yet addictive game had everyone trying it out.

YOU should definitely try this one out. If only for the music, it’s a game you’ll never forget. You’ll thank me later, as long as you don’t play this game when you’re drunk. Play it and you’ll see why!

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