Avril Lavigne – Best Damn Tour

Avril Lavigne
Rosemont, IL – Allstate Arena

Avril Lavigne Allstate ArenaGah! I have NEVER seen so much pink in my life than I did on Friday night at the Avril Lavigne concert! I am officially sick of that color even though it WAS my favorite – before Avril used and abused it for her live show. Everything was pink. And I mean EVERYTHING – baby grand piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drum set, microphone, hoodie, and pom poms – you get the picture. Avril had her own BeDazzled hot pink microphone that was absolutely covered with glitter and rhinestones.

For the encore she performed her hit Sk8r Boi and had her own BeDazzled baby pink hoodie! Of course, she started the night off with her huge hit from last summer – Girlfriend – which was great because that really pumped the audience up. Again, I am guilty of singing along and going crazy with all the other 13-year-old girls there with their moms and dads. Avril does write pretty darn catchy songs. I surprised myself by knowing the words to most of the songs she sang at the show. It was fun, no doubt about it. She is a definite guilty pleasure of mine. I am not gonna lie!

Avril Lavigne Allstate Arena

Boys Like Girls opened for Avril and pretty much had more fans there for them than Avril had for her! I was practically deaf by the end of the BLG set. They performed their huge hit, The Great Escape, as their last song. I have to admit, that song is SO CATCHY! I was singing my heart out and screaming at the top of my lungs with the best of them because I just LOVE that song’s chorus! How can you not? It is seriously addictive. Avril sang all of her big hits to date including Complicated, Hot, Happy Ending, I’m With You, and Don’t Tell Me. Avril performed the angst-ridden track Losing Grip from her debut album Let Go, acoustic with her two guitarists. It was awesome! She really does have a lot of hit singles now that I think of it.

Avril Lavigne Allstate Arena

Avril apparently feels the need to prove to her fans that she is, in fact, musically talented. She played the piano for her second single When You’re Gone off her latest album, The Best Damn Thing. The screen above the stage was zoomed in on her hands while she played the notes, but I soon realized from watching her fingers, that she was playing at the level that I was playing at when I was 7 years old and in 2nd grade! Honestly, she is not that accomplished on the piano as one might think. She played electric and acoustic guitar for half of her songs. But keep in mind she still had a lead guitarist and rhythm guitarist in her band that played right along with her. And also that by playing guitar I really mean that she strummed a few of the chords in the choruses. She then made sure everyone at the show knew she could play the drums and sing at the same time, albeit not that well. I caught her more than once “playing” the drums but not singing. She let her two backup singers take care of the vocals so she could concentrate on hitting the cymbal at the right time…

Avril Lavigne Allstate Arena

Check Avril Lavigne out when she plays a show in your city and judge her musical ability for yourself. Look up her tour dates at www.myspace.com/avrillavigne. If you are a sucker for hook-heavy power-pop-punk girl-power songs like I am, go pick up a copy of Avril’s latest CD – The Best Damn Thing – in stores now! I have my guilty pleasure copy that I rock out to in my car and you should too!

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    I really love your review on the Avril concert. This was really great!

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