Hawthorne Heights @ Bamboozle Left Festival

Hawthorne HeightsThis will be their first show without Casey Calvert, details have not been finalized on how the show will go down. “There is one song that we’re playing especially for Casey. It’s a new song,” says drummer Eron Bucciarelli. “Once we’re out there, we’ll announce it and let people know what it is. It’s going to be on our next album, but the song is still a work in progress and we’re changing it day by day.”

The band has been trying to decide what songs will work from previous albums. (2004’s The Silence in Black and White and 2006’s If Only You Were Lonely) Bucciarelli says “We have to relearn these songs and figure out how we’re going to play them with just the four of us.”

“We played around with the idea of sampling his screaming parts from our records and just playing this through the PA, but we decided that that wasn’t really real and that it would be better to just let the fans scream along to those parts if they want.”

Hawthorne Heights have plenty of new songs written that involve Calvert but it hasn’t been clear on how the band will use them. Before Calvert’s unexpected passing the band was involved in a lawsuit with their record label, Victory Records, for a breach of contract. The judgment was ruled in Hawthorne Heights ’ favor saying the label did not hold exclusive rights to the band’s recordings. (yet another band misinformation from their label)

We wish Hawthorne Heights a rockin’ show!

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