Social Networks Vs. Internet Privacy

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Picture this…you created a profile on a social network site a few years back and you are now in the comfort zone with all your “friends” on your list. You send out pictures of your drunken debauchery from Saturday night or post pictures of friends half naked sitting on a toilet seat. (Seen it, believe it. Really wish I didn’t though.) The envelope gets pushed and pushed. You have “friends” on your list that may push things too far. Where do you draw the line with not just obscenity but with dangerous behaviors that harm not just that person but other people too.

I’ve had a bulletin from a “friend” asking for pain killers. When asked about why she would post this on Myspace this person replied, “i have all friends on my friendlist, only people i know. (and bands) nobody ever has understood what its like to deal with the pain i do regularly. and if people have a problem with it, ignore me.”

I’ve also had a “friend” take a picture with their baby laying in the fourth self up on a toy shelf. Should I feel a social responsible for doing something about the endangerment of a child? DCFS maybe? The image I say wasn’t photoshoped it was the real deal because someone thought it would be funny, placing your child 4 feet off the ground on a shelf isn’t funny.

Why do people feel so comfortable placing images and sending messages like these out on the internet? How safe and private to people really think they are online? Reality, your not and you can face the consequences of the actions you take.

Back in 2006, 5 teens were arrested because someone caught wind of a school shooting they were plotting.

March 13, 2008, 8 people were arrested because they posted pictures of the place they vandalized on their myspace profile.

Let’s just say this is a friendly reminder to people and “friends” that the internet isn’t private even when you feel it is, things are cached and retrievable so don’t think, “its ok it won’t happen to me” and put images and messages out there that you may regret sooner or later.

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