The Only Kind of FLAC I Like: That of the Musical Kind

What is FLAC? FLAC is not insurance I will tell you that much, no duck here!

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is actually a digital music format. FLAC is an uncompressed or lossless compression format, typically used by Audiophiles.

Formats that are lossless files include:
WMA lossless

Pearl Jam sells some of their live shows in FLAC files to their fans. I used to trade/download FLAC formats with other users online and via B&P. You can’t just play FLAC anywhere, you do need to download the FLAC codec to use on your Windows Media Player or my favorite, WINAMP.

Need the codec for your players? You can get free codecs here. If you need more information visit

Where you will be seeing this lossless music file?

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We are supplying music fans live music performances in audio and video formats. We aren’t just limiting the formats to MP3. Our initial launch contains music that is primarily in FLAC format. Artists are able to upload their live music performances in variety of music formats. It’s up to the musician to decide how they want their fans to hear their music.

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