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    New Model Army anyone?

    New Model Army
    San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick

    New Model Army San DiegoNo I’m not talking about last weeks Newsweek article. I arrived at this venue with a few friends upon the recommendation of another friend. (A friend who really loves New Model Army, but had a prior commitment and oddly enough could not make it to the show with us.) My companions and I believed ourselves to be fashionably late only to find that we would be waiting outside for about 45 minutes. It wasn’t a hard place to find, but nowadays with GPS there’s not much left that is. Thankfully, since it was a Monday we didn’t have to look too hard for a parking spot especially since this place has no parking whatsoever. When we finally got inside it proved to be a local “dive bar”. Not necessarily a bad place; but definitely not impressive either. The decor, seating, and food were all lacking. (Hint: Don’t come hungry, but if you do they will let you bring in food from a nearby restaurant.

    Because of the delay, which I assumed was set up issues, the opening acts were constrained to 20 minute sets each. The first band I can’t remember the name of, but they were definitely locals because they were outside waiting in line with us. They weren’t bad. They played typical Irish drinking songs appropriate for this venue I think. The second band was called Vale and they peaked my interest. I was disappointed when they stopped abruptly after only a 20 minute set. Their sound was a Cure, Depeche Mode meets U2 riffs type of blend. Not bad actually. I would love to see them complete an entire set in the future. The singer did lose a string on the last song and his spare guitar for some reason was short a guitar strap, but I hope that wasn’t the reason the set was cut short.

    From their it was on to the main event. Honestly, I had never heard of New Model Army until a friend from work told me about them, and that they would be playing this venue. It turned out to be a great recommendation. They are a hard rock band for the working class so to speak. It’s definitely worth checking out their official site featuring their new album HIGH. If you do check out their site you can download their latest album. The first track (Wired) is free to give you a taste of what they’re about. One of the songs they sang (as a matter of fact the opening song) was called Here Comes the War. Here Comes the War is the first track from their cd The Love of Hopeless Causes and was released in March 1993. This song set the tone for the rest of the night and kept the listeners rocking right along with them. They played well past midnight and even came back for 2 encores. This was a night well spent.

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    1. Pep says:

      Yeah, New Model Army is a great live act, and “Here Comes The War” ist one of their finest tunes. I haven’t heard their new album yet, but from all I’ve heard about it, it’s pretty much to the bone and somewhat “back to the roots”, which is definitely a good thing.

    2. Yetanother NMA fan says:

      thanks for the review, I was a that show too. Just wanted to add that if you liked them there as a first-timer, you’d been blown away by the vibe at their other performances such as the LA area gigs or even better, in Europe! :) The San Diego turnout really was a bummer, and the band is usually *even more* on fire than on that night….nevertheless, tremendous fun, see you next time!


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