The NKOTB Are Back!!

Oh yes! The New Kids on the Block are back!!

New Kids Logo

I remember the days of New Kids trading cards, pillows, bed spreads, tapes, posters, and the longing to meet the New Kids. I had a friend who possessed all the material items listed above. I was a little jealous of her bedspread and pillow. We used to get together and trade cards that we didn’t have and gush about how hot the guys were. We all had our favorites. I never did get to go to a New Kids concert because my parent’s thought I was too young. I had friends that got to go but not me. I just stayed home and wore out my New Kids tapes.

April 4th the New Kids are performing on the “Today” show. The New Kids also have a new website, where at this moment you can only sign up for their mailing list but there is a count down. I am assuming the countdown will be for the launch of the site.

You better Believe that the Dead Hub will cover the New Kids on the block concerts so when we hear it you will too!

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  1. Yvette says:

    I was totally going to blog about this when I got home!

  2. Nael says:

    Check out Nasri’s myspace to see the writer behind the NKOTB reunion. He’s the next biggest thing in the industry and will prove it by making the NKOTB big again. Check out his hit song ” Half Time” and add him as a friend.

    check it out and stay tuned for more info.

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