Odin Sphere for PS2: All the Drama!

Ever wonder what a 2-D game on crack would be like? No, not Guilty Gear. I know that was your first guess. This week I’m covering Odin Sphere, a fantasy action game for the PS2.

MeriStation OdinSphereScreen big6pe

Odin Sphere was released by Atlus in 2007, although it’s definitely unlike any other Atlus game I’ve ever played. I’ve always wondered what a modern 2-D side-scroller might be like this day and age, and Odin Sphere is a perfect example. However, the graphics are a bit much. They remind me of these stickers from the eighties: Lisa Frank stickers. This game is very pink and overdone on the color, like a TV with “tint” turned way up. Some of the artwork is really stunning, but I think they just went a bit overboard, especially on the food in this game. This game is literally like a buffet at times. Your characters eat to gain permanent hit points.

Even though the game has five different stories you can play through (and you must play through all five in full before the confusing endgame) I don’t think the replay value is great. You need to level up all five characters, and even though individual attacks differ, the gameplay is relatively the same for all of them. It also gets difficult to level up towards the end of the game. Sticking with the story was also tough-it was pretty convoluted and having to go through it five times when I didn’t care was almost exhausting. The story is very over dramatic.

The sounds of this game can either be considered original or maddening, I’m not quite sure. The voice-acting is bad and the music has a bit too much twinkling in it. You will definitely hear a lot of twinkling in this game. However, the music will also stick with you, somehow. I think they definitely tried making this music epic, and while it fell flat most of the time, a few of the tracks weren’t all that bad. That music is very repetitive though, and unfortunately, that’s a pretty good way to sum up this game.

I would suggest playing Odin Sphere like I would suggest going rampant in a candy shop. At first it’ll be awesome, but after a while it’ll make you a bit sick.

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