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Pretty. Odd.

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I am pretty sure that if you are a fan of Panic at the Disco’s debut album, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, you might not enjoy their second album, Pretty. Odd., all that much. It is drastically different, which is good for the band seeing as how they are all musicians and songwriters who want to grow and try new things. But for fans who have known them since they entered the music scene a few years back, this new album is a complete 180 and I personally just do not like it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the first two tracks on the record – We’re So Starving and Nine In The Afternoon. But honestly, I completely lose interest after those two songs. I have to force myself not to switch albums on my iPod when I finish listening to the two introductory tracks.

On the other hand, if you have not heard their first album, you will most likely really enjoy Pretty. Odd. If you are a Beatles fan however, you will either hate Panic’s new record or love it. Die hard Beatles fans will most likely scoff at the fact that Panic at the Disco attempted to emulate the legendary British foursome on their second album. Besides the obvious songwriting influence the Beatles had over primary songwriter, Ryan Ross, Pretty. Odd. was even mixed at Abbey Road Studios in London for crying out loud! Panic must have had a rather large budget to pull that off. Not every band can say their second album was mixed at Abbey Road. That just doesn’t happen. Most bands don’t even make it to their second album. Especially if they are like Panic, who formed the band and wrote the songs for their first record while still in high school.


Gone are the technologically-advanced and electronically-enhanced standard Panic at the Disco songs. Gone are the way too long song titles. Gone are the days when only lead singer Brendan Urie sang lead vocals.

Now we have acoustic country/folk tracks like Folkin’ Around, which I may add, makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD when I hear the intro because it makes me immediately think of the Dixie Chicks. Understand though – I LOVE the Dixie Chicks. HUGE fan of those women who rock out like no other. But I do NOT want to listen to the girls when I listen to Panic. If I wanted to hear the Dixie Chicks, I would listen to them – not Panic at the Disco. What is up with THAT?!

Then there is She Had The World – the following track after Folkin’ Around. Let me tell you something: I was classically trained on the piano and voice from the age of 5 to 20. Once I was free from private piano and voice lessons and could play and sing whatever I pleased, I got into every type of music BUT classical. So when I discovered Panic at the Disco a couple of years ago, I was SO PSYCHED to hear a totally different type of music than what I was raised listening to with my parents and their tastes in jazz, blues, oldies, folk, etc. I appreciate all musical genres, but those ones are not my passion. FYI, I cannot go one single day without listening to blink-182. That should tell you something about my taste in music. So again, when I hear the intro to She Had The World, I again LOL because I feel like I am listening to some Bach concerto from the Baroque period. And here we have a similar scenario as before – if I wanted to listen to Bach, I would listen to Bach…and NOT Panic at the Disco.

Ryan Ross sings lead vocals on various tracks this time around. Not a good idea. I do not even know what to say. There is nothing to say. Bad idea.

Listen to Pretty. Odd. and decide for yourself. Love it or Hate it???

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  1. LocoMoco says:

    Correct! Congratulations! New album = for the lose.

  2. Ally says:

    You do make a great argument.


    I was a fan of Panic(!) At The Disco basically when they released A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, and yet I still love their sophomore record. I must say, however, the song Folkin’ Around makes me laugh and shake my head, as I am not a big fan of country music.

    That, and I thought Ryan did an absolutely fantastic job on lead vocals… even if it was kind of randomly done.

  3. HJ says:

    I like both albums, and I find it so strange that the majority of fans only like one, and vehemenently hate the other. Maybe I don’t have a strong musical preference in what style I listen to, but I appreciate both albums.
    Still, at least you are not one of those people who has heard neither album but enjoys slating them anyway, as ‘generic emo punk bandboys turned Beatles wannabes’ when they’ve only heard I Write Sins and Nine In The Afternoon.

    You spelt Brendon wrong by the way. :D

  4. Zeus says:

    Brendon Urie is arguably one of the best vocalists out there.

  5. Prncss "D" says:

    ((Gone are the technologically-advanced and electronically-enhanced standard Panic at the Disco songs. Gone are the way too long song titles. Gone are the days when only lead singer Brendan Urie sang lead vocals.))

    that’s really sad :( i liked the that type of songs
    but i have a question , in which traks did ryan ross sings lead vocalists?
    i listned to their first album and a few track from the new one – i didn’t like it much thou

  6. Aay says:

    your review is fucking stupid. pretty odd is at least 500 times better than their first album.

  7. @Aay: What makes it 500 times better this time around?

  8. Alejandra says:

    i love songs from both albums.
    i do miss Brendon’s only voice because he has the MOST amazing voice. NOT arguable. Damn fact.
    in any case, the album couldn’t have been named better: “Pretty. Odd” it’s so perfect-it was completely unexpected, but pretty good-AND odd.
    Panic! At the Disco is an outstanding band. really, how many bands could have pulled this off?

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