Feminism: Oops, I said a baaaad word!

Ani DiFranco
The Orpheum – Los Angeles, CA

Ani Difranco The Orpheum Theatre - Los Angeles, CAStage presence at a concert, especially at larger venues such as The Orpheum, is what makes or breaks an artist. There was none lacking here. Ani DiFranco’s smaller stature was nothing compared to her impressive talents that flew from the stage. Her obviously fit body oozed energy and drew the audience into each song at times pulling them collectively from their seats.

Ani Difranco The Orpheum Theatre - Los Angeles, CAAlternative, folk, lyricist, singer, guitarist, and poet. Ani DiFranco is the epitome of a feminist in the best sense. She is truly an accomplished artist who has a loyal following for good reason. She released her first recording in 1990 and hasn’t stopped yet with over 19 albums released. Ani is no shy woman either. She’s covered all topics from politics to sex, religion, science, and business with unabashed and at times brutal honesty. She’s not afraid to use the F-word, but will also amaze you with her poetical vocabulary. This accomplished artist has built her own label and become the example of the change she wants to see in the world. As role models go, she is the perfect role model for women everywhere. All the Britney’s and Paris’ in the world could never fill her shoes.

Ani Difranco The Orpheum Theatre - Los Angeles, CA

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