Hemlock: Fan Friendly, Jäger Approved

Hemlock (Openers for Ministry)
House of Blues – San Diego, CA
4/7/2008Hemlock (Openers for Ministry) House of Blues - San Diego, CA

I met Hemlock’s lead singer Chad Smith out front before the show. It was very clear that he belonged to one of the bands. He is tall with massive dreadlocks and looked like a metal hound. Not only is Chad a very articulate and nice guy but he really knows how to front a band and play bass. This band has put in their dues (15 years) and it certainly shows on stage.

Hemlock had a very little amount of stage to work with last night. I really mean little. It’s a shame because they had such great stage presence and they know how to own a stage. Their set was full of high energy, fast aggressive songs and a little power ballad that could blow love out of the water.

I actually found Hemlock more entertaining than the band that went on after them. Chad really does have a stage presence with his hair and bouncing around on stage. He even had the mic in his mouth and was “singing” as he played.

What I would love to see is these guys have a slot on Ozzfest considering I fell asleep in the lawn last year from bored these guys will keep your feet!

Need to hear or buy Hemlock’s album? You can do that here:Hemlock (Openers for Ministry) House of Blues - San Diego, CA

Photos of Hemlock:

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