Ministry: They Aren’t Republican!

House of Blues – San Diego, CA

Ministry House of Blues San Diego, CAOh, the House of Blues feels like a second home sometimes. Tonight was another one of those nights. Ministry is a Electro-metal band that originated in good old Chicago, Illinois. (There is no Bias there at all!!) They have been around for 26 years and this marks their final tour.

Ministry House of Blues San Diego, CAMinistry rolled on stage around 10pm and the balloons came down around 12:30am. It was a very long show. Ministry started the show with lots of new material. All had a very common theme. “Bush is Evil!” The screens behind them showed images of Bush and Osama Bin Ladan as Al verbally mangled the Bush Administration over and over again. Not that I am a Bush fan myself but there were 6 (at least) political songs and 5 were about Bush. He should of just wrote one epic song called “Fuck Bush” just to get it over with. As the night continued the song assortment grew much much better. The guys were ripped and were having a great time as was the crowd.

Near the end of the set Al Jourgensen was visibly tired, but who can blame him. I don’t think I would have lasted that as long as he did on stage. About 5 or 6 six songs near the end, a guest came out. It was Fear Factory’s Burton C. Bell. He brought a whole new level of excitement to the stage and it revived everybody. They played a couple covers form The Doors, The Rolling Stones, and ZZ Top.

Ministry House of Blues San Diego, CAOf course, it isn’t a metal frat party without balloons right? Yes, you heard me right, balloons at a heavy metal concert. The balloons came down at the last song, and can I tell you how much better balloons are on your head instead of people’s shoes or beers?

On a random, and somewhat related side note, Martin Atkins who toured with Ministry in the 1990’s has been teaching at Columbia College in Chicago their Touring Live Entertainment class. How do I know this? Well he was on option as one of my teachers for that course.

Photos of Ministry:

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