When Music Stores Stop Selling Music, Magic Happens

Virgin Megastore

We never thought it would be possible, we thought eventually they would all be just a memory but now we have been proven wrong. Virgin Megastores states they have had “one of the most successful years” in 2007 by shifting their focus from music to other products. Their “lifestyle entertainment shopping destination” of video games, clothes, DVDs, and books has proceeded to increase in sales while music sales have continued to dwindle. In fact both Virgin Megastores in NYC posted a combined increase in sales by 10%. Virgin Entertainment North America CEO Simon Wright says “For the first time in five years our store traffic is up over plan.”

See Jess, music stores will survive…as long as they don’t sell music. Genius!

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  1. I remember when you could walk into a music store and buy music that I wanted. ;-) It’s funny because Virgin closed several of there stores too. Maybe since they laid off all those people the could actually turn a profit. And this could be the longest comment ever written on here.

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