Powerspace Powers Up and Over June

Powerspace / June
Metro – Chicago, IL

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Oh Powerspace, how I love thee. Good times were had by all at the Metro on Saturday night. Granted, the venue was barely half full, so I am talking about 500 or less people here! It was a sad night though – June’s Farewell show. The Chicago band has officially broken up. You can make your own assumptions why they called it quits, but keep in mind that they are (were) signed to good old Victory Records. Even though Victory is the largest independent rock label in the world, they have quite the track record of bands that break up while under the Victory recording contract. That’s all I’m saying.

Fueled by Ramen/Atlantic Records band Powerspace, also hometown heroes from Chicago, opened for June’s last show and pretty much stole it from the headliners – right out from under their feet. Now that Powerspace has the major label deal, they are much more popular than June. I felt somewhat bad for June because so many fans left after Powerspace’s set and didn’t stay to watch June’s last show performing together as a band. It should have been the other way around really – June opening up for Powerspace. But honestly, it happens all the time. Take My Chemical Romance and The Used. MCR used to open for The Used, and now it is the other way around. They are both on Warner Brothers Records, but MCR has stepped up their songwriting skills and gathered more new fans and now are HUGE! Don’t get me wrong, My Chem totally deserves their success.

I will be honest with you. I was at the show on Saturday night for Powerspace and not so much for June. I just like the former band’s songs better. They are catchy, I can’t help it. AND THEY PLAYED MY FAVORITE SONG – Sleep, Everyone – which completely made my night. I was hoping PS would play that one track off their new album and they did. It was great. If you went to the show, let me know who you were there for: Powerspace or June?? We need to take a poll….

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  1. So what you are saying is I completely missed my chance to see these guys, huh? DAMN!

  2. trust me, you are not missing out.

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