Sara Bareilles Kicks Off Headlining Tour

Sara Bareilles
Pabst Theatre – Milwaukee, WI

Sara Bareilles little voice cover

The songwriter/pianist behind the massive radio hit, Love Song, kicked off her first headlining tour Monday night in Milwaukee and I got to be there for it. Ms. Sara Bareilles is pretty much the coolest chick out there in the music biz today. I have fallen hard for this girl. She has won me over with her sense of humor, potty mouth, and appreciation of her fans. Oh, and let’s not forget about the plain old fact that she is a girl in her twenties playing the piano and making a living.

She had me at Bottle It Up. The second she sat down at her black upright piano and started to play Bottle It Up, the second single off of her debut album, Little Voice, I was in love with this girl. That is my favorite song of hers and the fact that she started the night off with it, could only I was in for a great show. Her first single, Love Song, is all over the radio, which means I am growing quite tired of it. To be honest, that song is enough to make me hate Sara all together. If I had not heard Bottle It Up when I did, I would have never given Sara a chance. I probably would have discarded her to the bottom of the list of artists whose music I want to listen to. It is overplayed and I’m sick of it! Blame commercial radio.

Ms. Barielles puts on quite an entertaining show, I must say. She talks to the audience in between every single song. She introduces her band members – more than once! She makes fun of herself. She cracks jokes, or attempts to whether or not they are funny. As a fan, you get the feeling that she is a truly genuine person who just wants to play the piano and sing. If I could say one thing to sum this artist up, it is that she is an ordinary person living an extraordinary life. Sara is living proof that it is never too late to do what you want to do in life and be happy. She is 28 years old and just now breaking in to the music industry. She has opened on tour for James Blunt and Maroon 5. She is opening up again for Maroon 5 this summer when the band co-headlines a tour with the Counting Crows.

I recommend you check her out while she is on tour in a city near you while you have the chance! I guarantee you will laugh out loud AT LEAST once during her performance. If not, let me know…

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