Third Eye Blind Plays Loyola University

Third Eye Blind
Loyola University – Chicago, IL

Third Eye Blind

Last Wednesday night I spent one hour and 45 minutes reliving my middle school and high school glory days. During this time I got to sing along to all of my favorite Third Eye Blind songs while the band played them live right in front of me. I have never seen TEB in concert before, but since they have yet to break up, I can now check them off of my list of bands to see live before I die.

Of course, they had to play all of their their hits from the late 1990s. The fans would never let the band get away with only playing new songs to promote the next album. Those monster radio hits just happen to be my favorite Third Eye Blind tracks – Never Let You Go, How’s It Going To Be, Jumper, Deep Inside of You, and the one everybody in the crowd was waiting for – Semi-Charmed Life. And yes, I took videos with my camera of each one of those songs so that I can relive the live versions over and over whenever I am feeling nostalgic and not quite ready to face being a grown-up.

I have always been a huge fan of Stephen Jenkins’s songwriting. The band’s frontman was born to write music. I am not kidding when I say I felt like I was at my junior high class reunion. Along with blink-182, TEB defined my adolescence. I do not know what I would have done if it were not for the songwriting skills of Tom DeLonge and Mr. Jenkins. Their music got me through some really bad times in my teenage years. Thank goodness for technology these days, because watching my videos on my laptop from the concert and singing along to Never Let You Go AL:WAYS puts a smile on my face. I just cannot stop grinning when I hear the song! It is impossible not to feel happy and care-free when you hear that chord progression and laid-back day-at-the-beach type of melody.

If you get the chance to see them at a university near you, don’t let it slip you by! I do not even go to Loyola (I go to Columbia College), but I got a friend who is a Loyola student to buy me a $3 ticket. Probably the cheapest concert I have ever been to – and the most fun I have had singing along at a show in a while.

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