The Bravery Live at the Metro!

The Bravery
The Metro – Chicago, IL

The Bravery The Metro - Chicago, IL

The Bravery have played in Chicago plenty of times since they jumped into the music scene back in 05′. For whatever reason, I had never been to any of those shows and on Saturday at the Metro, I finally got to see them live . I had gone into this show expecting a great vibe and a lot of dancing.

Now, I am a fan of The Bravery, their debut album (self-titled) I would consider one of the best albums released in the last five years. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel the same about their second release ‘The Sun and the Moon’. It was A LOT slower and just didn’t have the same energy as the one before.

The Bravery The Metro - Chicago, IL

The show had not sold out so the Metro wasn’t crowded ( I can always appreciate that) and the two openers were Your Vegas and Fiction Plane.

The Bravery opened with a great song called ”Fearless” a track from their debut. The lights went out and the sound of the organs from ‘Fearless’ began. The band takes what seems to be thier places and when the lights return, lead singer Sam Endicott is singing from the left of the stage. He eventually ends up in the center where he remained for the rest of the show.

The greater portion of the show was dedicated to ” The Sun and the Moon” with a couple of tracks here and there from the first album. They closed the show with ”Unconditional” which was a great song to end with. The actual performance was good and the interaction with the crowd was cool. I can say that I’ve been to worse shows but I did walk out a little disappointed. I think the selection for the set list was a bit off because I was waiting a through a lot of bad songs before I could get to the good ones, which doesn’t make for a fun time at a concert. It was apparent the crowd felt the same way. As I looked around, I had to laugh because it was almost as if the people were statues until any track from the fist album was played. This shouldn’t happen at a BRAVERY SHOW! but it did…

all in all I kind of wished I had seen them when they just had one album out…….oh Bravery, hopefully your third album will get me excited again…..

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  1. Yvette says:

    That sucks! I hate it when you go to the show liking most of the bands older stuff and they don’t mix it up enough. Esp if you can plainly see the crowd is not into it. *keeping my fingers crossed for a better show next time*


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