Def Leppard and the 80’s Round-up

Def Leppard/Styx/REO Speedwagon
Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre (aka Coors Amphitheatre) – Chula Vista, CA

Def Leppard/Styx/REO Speedwagon Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre (aka Coors Amphitheatre) - Chula Vista, CA

A concert is defined by not only the music but by the experience around the music. I won’t go into detail about mine, lets just say part of it was a VERY long wait in the will call line. How long you ask? Try long enough to miss REO Speedwagon completely. As we waited in line we could hear the faint music of REO, but none of us thought they were actually going to start because all of us were outside waiting to pick up tickets. I wouldn’t had to wait in line if my tickets were to have actually arrived on time. UPDATE: The tickets for Saturday’s show still haven’t arrived! Update:4/29 – The tickets for Saturday’s (4/26) show arrived last night. Hmmm…so much for 2nd Day delivery.

We walked into the actual amphitheatre to find our seats and to hear the start of Styx. Styx ran through their set that was full of their hits minus “Mr. Roboto.” My favorite was actually hearing “Come Sail Away” live and it was better than hearing it on the radio or through the home system. San Diego was also Styx last night on tour with Def Leppard. You can read Tommy Shaw’s write-up on the last night of touring with Def Leppard here.

19,000 people packed the amphitheatre for Def Leppard. The venue was pretty much filled to capacity on the most beautiful Saturday night. This was Def Leppard’s second to last night on their tour in support of Song from the Sparkle Lounge. Around 9:20pm Def Leppard started with “Rocket” and the crowd went wild. The entire set was filled with all the hits plus a new song. I think they really just played off their 1995 release of The Vault. I am not complaining because it has been awhile since I have attended to a concert where I knew ever song in their set. A Def Leppard fan sitting next to us, Kate Utterback exclaimed to me, “Rockin’ Awesome!” she yelled that at me as “Animal” started. Joe Elliot can out the the extension on the stage and politely asked the crowd whether we like to be called Chula Vista or San Diego. The crowd roared for San Diego. That was brownie points for Joe and the crew. Sometime rockers just lump smaller cities with bigger ones when it’s not proper.

Def Leppard’s stage was lit up with the huge movie screen in the background that played either the video to the songs being played or customized videos for the songs and lots of older pictures of the band. A younger woman even jumped onstage and started singing “Bringing on the Heartache” with Joe for a minute before being pulled offstage by security.

The fans ranged from mid 20’s to well, the older generation of Def Leppard fans. Their were fans there trying to relive the 80’s and ones that just wanted to enjoy it in the new millennium. We saw everything from fake 80’s wigs to green spandex pants. Yes, GREEN spandex pants. Why on earth are those things still around! EVIL I tell you!

Click on thumbnails of photos to enlarge images:

The Setlist:

Let’s Get Rocked
Song off High and Dry album
New song from ….The Sparkle Lounge: 9 Lives with Tim Mcgraw (Tim McGraw not present)

The New song is very in touch with the Def Leppard sound. They didn’t stray from their roots for this one even with Tim McGraw supplying vocals for the song.

Love Bites
Bass Solo
Rock On (Michael Damian Cover of David Essex – Rock On 1973) ;-) Youtube Video

This was an A+++++ cover of the David Essex or as many of us younger folks know the Michael Damian version song better. The whole crowd was up and singing along. It fit right in with their reputoir.

Acoustic: Two Steps Behind
Not my favorite acoustic rendition but it was still good.

Acoustic: Bringing on The Heartache
Great song acoustic!

Guitar Instrumental
“Oh can you feel it, do you believe it?” YES IT WAS GREAT!

Armageddon It
Pour Some Sugar on Me
Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot can pour some sugar on me! This song rocked live!

Encore: Rock of Ages

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  1. Doug Jefford says:

    great story any more pics,,I love it , good going….I remember using will call to get into the UFC, good stuff…thanks

  2. We actually have tons of pics from the show on Saturday! It was just a matter of how many to post. ;-)

  3. Clinton P. Desveaux says:

    The track “Rock On” is NOT a Michael Damian cover…It was sung by a British chap as part of the British Glam rock movement in the early to mid 70’s – his name was David Essex…Michael Damian did a cover of the David Essex…

    And the new Def Leppard album is NOT called “Speckle Lounge” it is called “Songs From the SPARKLE Lounge”

  4. David G. says:

    Concerning “Rock On”,that’s a
    David Essex Song that Michael
    Damian covered some 17-18yrs.ago
    -thought you’d want to know.
    Excellent Review!!

  5. THOUPECET says:

    Interestingly as the Mr intention over this…

  6. proslaviy says:

    Hi, how I can send PM?

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