The Crush Reunion Show

The Crush Reunion Show
The Triple Rock Social Club-Minneapolis, MN

The last time I saw The Crush I was told I would never get to see them play again. Ironically on my cab ride home from Friday nights show I was told this again by the same person as six years ago. Last week we took a ride to Minneapolis for The Crush Reunion Show at Triple Rock Social Club. I have been to The Triple Rock once before for a night of pub crawling. That night was my very first introduction to a smoke free bar. When you walked in the smell of dirty hippies filled the air with their mixture of B.O. & petruli that would normally be masked by cigarette smoke. I can still remember the girl that face planted while trying to be smooth hopping from booth to booth, knocking over her glass just to get up with a broom & dust pan in her face to clean up her own mess.

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This was my very first time seeing a show here and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The show area was a lot bigger than I expected it to be. There where two floors separated by 4 or 5 steps. The upper floor consists of the bar, merch tables, and bar stools along the railing that separated the back of the room and the pit area. The stage was short & minute while the lighting was very dim with only 7 colored lights above the stage.

I never noticed how different Minneapolis’ shows are compared to Chicago. While waiting for the bands to start everyone would pack the back of the room while only a hand full of people decided to get a decent spot down by the stage. Even while the bands were playing I expected people to rush the stage and maybe form a good mosh pit front in center but that never happened either. During the whole show there was a good 3 foot gap from the crowd and the stage. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen at a punk rock show.

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The Crush is Jon Ness (bass), Jason Cook (drums), Andy Richardson (guitar/vocals), Jason Miller (guitar/vocals). The first time I saw them play was their last show at 7th Street Entry and it was full of drunken debauchery. And to be honest this show wasn’t too far off from the last. It was a rockin’ good time with plenty of drinks and shots passed around. At one point Miller said “I have too many beers up here” while Richardson proceeded to pass some back to the crowd. In between songs there were laughs to be had between randomness & inside jokes. At one point Miller unbuttoned the top of his shirt, I can’t remember why, but do remember him saying “I wish I had more chest hair.” All in all the crowd and the show was energized. If The Crush decides to do a show for shits & giggles near you I highly recommend you see them while you can. For now you can check out their myspace page @

Set List Was:

Eyes To Break The Ice
Every Day is Everything
He Thought Himself Sick
The Funeral Party
The Making of Incredible
Insinuating What
Fuck You in the Heart
Dresser Drawer
Get Out of My Hand and…
Summer Song
Crazy Killed the Boring

Encore Songs:

It Fell on Nines
Divided Highway
Bonzo Goes to Bitburg

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