Neva Dinova In-Store, Reckless Records (Broadway) May 1st

Neva Dinova
Reckless Records – Chicago, IL

Neva Dinova Reckless Records - Chicago, IL

Neva Dinova played a great set at Reckless Records at 4:00 before his opening slot for Ladyhawk and the Little Ones at Schubas. Before the set opener “Squirrels,” the key track from their new disc You May Already Be Dreaming, Jake Bellows genuinely thanked the crowd for the surprisingly big crowd (especially on such short notice). Other Dreaming songs included “Love From Below” and “Trytophan.” The best was “Spring Cleaning” from the split EP with Bright Eyes. His voice was pure and required hardly any effort. Fans were able to approach him and ask questions before, after, and during his intimate set. The set ended with a neat one, which he called more of a rock song with catchy lyrics about a lost love; a great song that is sure to turn up someday soon.

Neva Dinova Reckless Records - Chicago, IL

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  1. Saribear says:

    so happy neva did spring cleaning

  2. Daniel says:

    Nice photos. Just wanted to point out that its Jake Bellows, not Jack.

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