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Ben Lee’s Myspace Bulletin: “Plot Twist”

I was fortunate enough to catch Ben Lee in concert this past December with the oh so great Miss Kate Voegele. I never knew who Ben Lee was until I stepped foot in the House of Blues on that fateful December night.

I was sifting through my Myspace bulletins, yes I actually read them, and found Ben’s new message. Here it is! The overview he just got off a great tour and the creative juices are flowing. He’s back in the studio in June for a new album with a new team.

Back home after doing two weeks on tour with Foldsy. Wonderful tour with lots of great college audiences, lots of “Ninja Warrior” and “Unbeatable Banzuke” on G4, and lots of songwriting.

In fact, I’ve had a surge of creativity over the last month and decided to head into the studio June 1 while it’s all fresh and make an album! Even though Ripe is still bubbling along, and people are getting into the “American Television” video (watch), I’ve learned from the past that I really shouldn’t put my creativity on hold for anything. Its important to start in the flow of nature, and stay loyal to the mysterious muse.

Ione and I are headed to India on a couple of weeks to see Narayani Amma and hopefully set a date for the wedding. When we get back I go straight into the studio to start the next album.

The twist is, and I know this will excite many of you out there, the team making this album with me will be Brad Wood, Lara Meyerratken and Nic Johns. This should be a fun one.

As for the songs, they are a little different this time. Observations about the world, politics, feminism, yearning and optimism.

What will it sound like?

Hard to say. But here are some visual clues.





Hope you are all well.


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