Ghostland Observatory
The Metro – Chicago, IL

Ghostland Obervatory photo

Ghostland Observatory are an electronic duo from Austin, TX consisting of frontman Aaron Behrens and drummer/producer Thomas Turner.

Ghostland Observatory’s music is hard to describe. I’d say it’s electronic beats mashed up with old 70’s rock vocals. They describe their sound as ” a robot making love to a tree” – whatever that means………….

The last time I saw GLO was at last years Lollapalooza. They were the first band to perform on the AT&T stage – on the first day of the festival – at 12pm. I point that out because considering the time slot they were given, their performance was one of the most memorable for me out of the entire festival. Also, during the day time for an electronic group that’s made of two people – how much of a show can you give without all the fancy screens and lighting effects? – GLO definitely worked it out. Aaron Behrens is like a one man show all by himself. This man has dance moves for days and its great!

My favorite thing about Ghostland Observatory is that they aren’t signed to any major label. They operate on their own Trashy Moped Recordings and continue to gain exposure and success by themselves.

Musically this group can go either way – really great or horrible. They’ve pumped out three albums since 2005 so they stay busy but in the end it’s apparent on the albums. I’m pretty sure touring is the reason they exist. Even with that however, I hope to see them go far in their genre because I think once the kinks are worked out, they’ll provide an awesome combination of great music and amazing live shows.

Fridays performance was everything that I had been waiting for. I was a little surprised to see it was sold out. They had a lot of home state support with a good number of Texans in the audience. The crowd was a good mix of people which was another example of how hard their music is to categorize. All around a good vibe.

Behrens strolled out in his wonderful white 70’s cut suit- totally Johnny Depp in “Blow” – I loved it! and Mr. Turner performed in his magnificent cape as usual. There was POUNDING bass and a light show that seemed to flow to Behrens every move. Smoke machines, strobe lights and lots of dancing – all the essentials for a good electronic show. Just as a thought I would – I had a good time.

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