The Dead Hub Coverage on Guidewire

Some of you know already that we are a start-up company (Live Hub and The Dead Hub) and as part of my job running the company, I am the one who is raising our rounds of financing in order to get the company off the ground and growing.

On Saturday I was privileged to take part in the Women 2.0 and Stanford Women in Business event that embarrassed Women starting companies and innovating. I met with lots of great and intelligent women who are all successful in their own right.

Live Hub entered the competition to win prizes and meetings, but what I wanted from the event was to network with people and bring light to Live Hub and the Dead Hub. A.K.A. The Hubs. I believe I was successful in doing so, because a friend in San Fran emailed me with “Isn’t this your company’s logo?” It scared me because I thought someone stole the logo then realized it was from the event on Saturday and Chris Shipley took a picture of the back of our napkin and posted on her site Guidewire.

Here is the napkin that we submitted for the competition. Of course you can only see on side of it.

Thanks to Women 2.0 and SWIB for throughing the event! It was a great experience and success!

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  1. Yvette says:

    That is so exciting! The napkin looks sooooo good!

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